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ONE mentorship, EVERYTHING you need.

Stuck with your trading but ready to become a winning trader?

My 1 on 1 trading mentorship program:

Get mentored by Cas and learn the profitable principles of professional trading.

Why join the mentorship program?

personal attention

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The mentorship program comes with a private community, 1-on-1 Zoom meetings & personalized homework feedback to ensure maximum results. At CDFX Trading you are not a number. We will be working as a team to get you to your goal.

real results

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During the CDFX Trading mentorship program you will learn from a fulltime hedgefund trader that has a verified trackrecord. Everything you learn is proven, stood the test of time & is backed up by data. 

lifetime access


When you join, you are with us for the long run. You can access all the course materials for as long as you need. You can always get back to them & you will have constant support. Next to that you will always get access to new material inside the course.

Is this program something for me?

This program is for everyone that is not where they want to be with their trading or forex trading. 

Whether you trade forex, crypto, commodities or stocks, this mentorship will be of benefit to you.

This program teaches you everything you need to know to become an independent & professional trader.

It's a complete program, this means that after finishing the 1-on-1 mentorship program you don't have to get another mentor. You will know everything you need to know to perform in trading.

When I complete the program, what will I have?

  • A clear & proven strategy that works

  • The right trading mindset to deal with losses

  • A clear process to keep improving

  • A clear process to keep finding new trading edges 

  • All the information you need to build your own strategies in the future

  • All the tools to become a professional trader

  • Finally a real trading edge

  • Access to the private "Edge Development Team"

They followed the program as well

"Cas focuses on a mechanical approach which makes it very clean and clear and thus easy to understand. I came to learn more about combining liquidity with a true edge and I'm very happy with what I learned.

Cas backs up his trades with statistics which removes as much subjectivity as possible. He is one of the very few people I've seen who truly treats trading as a business.

If you're looking for straight to the point value with no unnecessary filler material to try to make the course seem artificially large, then CDFX is the right place for you, I highly recommend them.

Also, the support from Cas and his willingness to ensure that true value has been received is unparalleled in my opinion."


'' Cas is hands down one of the most knowledgeable and skilled traders that I know of.

CDFX applies a no nonsense approach to trading which eliminates all the noise and hype.

The advice is incredibly objective as a result of the amount of work put in behind the scenes.

This entails trading based on statistical probabilities gleaned from the collection of a huge amount of data.


My personal experience has been very positive. After reaching out to CDFX and applying the advice given, my trading improved a great deal.

My winning percentage has gone up from 33% to 61% with 20% account growth for the month of April 2021. 

Lloyd McFarlane

The problem

90% of the traders fail. Why? They have the wrong expectations, they are learning from people that are not consistent themselves and they do not having a clear trading edge.

Trading is quite simple: you need at least 1 profitable trading strategy, you need to ability to trade that strategy without making mistakes during good and bad times, and you need enough funding.

Those are the 3 main things struggling traders need to work on.

The soluTION

A complete 1-on-1 mentorship given by a professional and verified trader.

During the trading mentorship we will focus on the 3 main issues stated above as well as many other topics.

Forex Mentor.jpg

Cas Daamen

Professional FX trader

Trades for:

  • India based hedgefund

  • Private investors

  • Propietrary trading firm

How does the mentorship program work?

 The AeI method

1. Absorbing

The video lessons teach you all the concepts you need to learn. Go over them at your own speed & take notes.

2. Executing

Make your homework, ask questions and take action on the information you learned.

3. improving

We review, give feedback and make adjustments so that you learn from your mistakes.


Every month we have a 1-on-1 online meeting to make sure you are on the right track.

During the day, you can discuss trading in the private community.

What will I learn?

Module 1: Strategy


* Market Phases

* Liquidity

* Backtesting

* Data, statistics & edge

* Risk Management

* Trading Strategy Overview

* Live Trade Examples

Module 2: Preparation & Reviewing


* Making a Trading Plan

* Trading Journal

* Trading Routines

Module 3: Psychology


* Psychology

Module 4: Continues Improvement & More


* The Reality Of Trading

* Choosing Your Markets

* Trade Management

* Growing a Small Account

* Increasing Performance

* How To Get A Job As A Trader & Get More Funds

* General Trading Tips

* Building a mechanical trading edge

* Advanced backtesting & statistics

Module 5: Edge Development Team


*  A private group of experienced traders that have one objective: to build as much profitable trading strategies as possible.

What's included?

1. 30+ video lessons

The video lessons teach you all the concepts you need to learn. Go over them at your own speed & take notes. You have lifetime access to all the videos & the new materials that will be uploaded in the future.

2. workbook

The workbook explains the exact path you are going to follow during the course as well as give you a place to take notes. 

3. homework

The workbook is filled with homework exercises to make sure you learn in the most efficient way possible.

4.private community

A private community with lifetime access to discuss trades with likeminded traders. Cas also shares the exact trades he takes with the community.

5. backtesting spreadsheet

The spreadsheet will make backtesting the strategy smooth and easy. Gathering data is essential to find your trading edge.

6. 1-on-1 zoom meetings

With the mentorship program you will get 5 1-on-1 Zoom meetings that you can book whenever you feel like you need more help.

7. Edge development team

After watching all the educational content and having done all the homework assignments, you will get access to Edge Development Team. In Edge Development Team you, me and everyone else that has finished all the lessons, are going to work together on building new strategies for different markets. We will brainstorm ideas together, backtest together and trade together.

Unique Guarantee

It's simple. We are confident in what we do.

If you do everything we tell you to do during the mentorship program, implement the information and take action, and you don't have a working strategy after working with us, we will help you for free, as long as needed, until you have at least one working strategy. This way you have the possiblity to earn the money back that you invested in the program.

This is how confident we are in our approach.

All the risk to get started is now gone.

Ready to take serious steps? Start today.

Ready to finally become a professional trader?

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