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ongoing growth

100% personal. Only for traders that have received the CDFX Trading Certificate.

weekly video

Every week you receive a video with tips to keep improving your trading. In these videos you will also get an insight in setups I took and how I traded them.

1-on-1 zoom conversations

Every month a 1-on-1 Zoom conversation. It's 100% personal and allows you to ask all your questions and maximize your growth as a trader. Full support.

a private group

Get access to a private group with serious traders. The group is only for people that have passed the 1-on-1 coaching program. You also get access to my personal email for quicker responses.

How does it work?

1. signing up

As soon as you sign up you can schedule your first 1-on-1 online meeting & join the private group.

2. gaining knowledge

Watch the weekly video, take notes, ask questions and discuss with other serious traders.

3. executing

Take action on the information given. Implement changes in your trading. Book the personal call and ask your questions. Gain clearity & become a better trader.

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For a small monthly investment right now, you will be able grow exponentially as a trader. You get access to a group of real traders & you get monthly Zoom calls to make sure you are on the right track.

'' Great course even for me who has been around for a while filling in the blanks which i hadn't picked up before. This will definitely tighten up the way i view charts and read them taking me to the next level. Highly recommended for everyone :)''

Peter J Godau

What you will get:

  • 100% personal support

  • A private community of real traders 

  • Exponential growth as a trader

Don't go at it alone!

Most people follow a course and then are left alone.

That's not how I want it. Why? Because it sucks for you and it sucks for me. I want you to actually become profitable. Once you have finished the course, this allows you to keep getting the support you need. Trading can be lonely. The group of advanced traders will make sure you aren't lonely. As a team we attack your trading problems and make sure you grow as a trader, every single month. 


The personal Zoom calls allow you to talk to me on a monthly basis. What more support can you ask for? Together we can analyze your backtested data, further fix your psychological issues and maximize your potential. 

Ready for ongoing growth as a trader?

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