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Free forex for beginners course?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

A free forex for beginners course, that’s what you get when you read this blog. Recently we have made a free forex course for beginners. The series is on YouTube and available for everyone. During this course you will learn concepts you can use as a beginner to become a consistently profitable forex trader. Are you interested in what this free forex for beginners course can bring you and do you want to know more about this free forex course? Then read this blog.

If you want to access the free course right away, click this link.

Why a forex for beginners course?

These days there is so much information on the internet about forex trading, that it becomes really hard to find out what information is useful and what information isn’t. This is why we decided to create this free forex for beginners course. We have also noticed that a lot of “gurus” sell the basics and charge a lot of money for it. We don’t think that’s fair so that’s also a reason why we made it free.

The free & basic information should be free for everyone. Paying for coaching/courses should only be done for 1-on-1 coaching or for advanced concepts. Other than that, everything should be free. That’s what we believe at CDFX Trading.

What’s in the forex for beginners course?

The free forex for beginners course does not cover how to draw a line, or how to use MT4. The forex course does include the following topics:

· What is edge & how to get edge

· Several profitable concepts you can use to build your own edge

· How to backtest

· Risk management

· Making a trading plan

· Trading journals

· Psychology

These are the concepts we have covered in the free forex for beginners course. The first module is all about knowing what an edge is and learning profitable concepts that you can use to build your own edge. Then it’s time to establish rules and start backtesting the proper way. Once you have done the testing, it’s time to trade on demo. You do this while managing risk.

Module 2 is all about making a clear plan. How are you going to enter the markets? How are you going to exit your positions? How are you going to manage your positions? How much are you going to risk? Clarity creates confidence, which is really helpful in combatting psychological issues.

In Module 2 you will also learn about why it’s important to have a trading journal and how you can learn from the mistakes you are making, in order to become a better and more profitable trader. If you don’t have a journal yet, start now. A trading journal is the holy grail in trading.

The last module is all about psychology. Psychology is important to cover. Trading psychology helps you to stick to your plan during hard times and helps you to make more money. In this lesson we cover all the basics about trading psychology, which will help you to grow your trading business.

In short, the free forex for beginners course will give you a great foundation and can possibly put you months, maybe years ahead of other beginners that don’t follow the free forex course. It will give you structure & guidelines so that you can further improve your trading. Many traders have already followed this course and we have gotten a lot of great feedback. Give yourself this gift and start today.

Free advanced forex training

Next to the free forex for beginners course we made, we have also recently made a massive free training, which you can access by clicking this link. The training goes over all the things you need to do in order to become profitable. A lot of people have already signed up for this free training and have gotten a lot of value from it. The free training will give you:

· Realistic expectations

· A blueprint for improvement

· Tips & tricks

· A special offer

The training begins with the uncommon path to profitability. This is all about making the path to profitability clear. It lays out which steps you should take to become a consistently profitable forex trader. The next part is about misconceptions & mistakes people make. It will give you realistic expectations and will give you tips on how to improve and what to focus on. The next part is all about the importance of a real mentor. A real mentor can help you to become better and will guide you, 1-on-1. A fake mentor will take your subscription money and sell you a course filled with information that’s freely available on the internet.

The next section is about developing an edge & a highly profitable concept: liquidity. We speak about what liquidity is, how to spot it on a chart and how to capitalize on liquidity absorption. You can use this concept, build rules and backtest it yourself to gain a trading edge. Without an edge you will lose your money, that’s just how trading works. With the concepts and plans in this training you will learn exactly what a trading edge is and how you can build your own profitable trading edge. This way you can finally become profitable and grow as a trader.

At the end we speak about a special offer, which is 1-on-1 coaching. Do you want to know more about this? Then read ahead.

Ready for the next step?

Once you have mastered the basics and have a clear path to profitability, it’s time to accelerate your trading performance. You can do this by getting a mentor. A real mentor will:

· Have 1-on-1 conversations with you

· Support you

· Proof profitability

· Teach you advanced concepts

This is what you should expect from a mentor, nothing less. This is also what we at CDFX Trading do. Everyone can build a course and sell it. A mentor will actually help you and point you in the right direction. Everyone is different, so everyone needs different kinds of feedback and help. A mentor knows this and will put in the time to really help you.

When you have a mentor, you can learn profitable & proven concepts. You can also learn from his mistakes, which accelerates your learning curve. Next to that, you can always ask questions. This way you don’t become stuck, but get the support you deserve so you can grow and become the best trader you can be.

A lot of people have great potential to become great traders, but because the learning curve takes so long, they quit early. This is such a shame, because if they had the right tools and knew what path to take, they would become excellent traders. Because of this, cutting down the time you spend learning to trade is very important. This does not mean skip things, or quickly go over things. This means learning as quickly from your mistakes as possible and having the right guidance. These things will help you to grow faster and will increase the chances of you making it as a trader.

Developing a trading edge & a profitable career is hard work. Few make it. You make it by putting all the odds in your favor. You do this by learning from experienced and profitable traders, while getting support and growing together. This is exactly what we at CDFX Trading offer our clients. This is why we created CDFX Trading. We are not looking for a lot of clients. In fact, we prefer a small group of clients that we can coach & work with. We want you to become great traders, we don’t need a lot of clients for subscription income, that’s simply not what we do.

Want to know more about our coaching? Explore our website.

To conclude

Our free forex for beginners course will give you a great foundation, so that you know what to do next in order to become a better trader. It will help you to develop your own trading edge. Our free 1 hour long training will give you a blueprint about how to become profitable and how to grow as a trader. If you have finished the free forex course and the training, you will be miles ahead from other traders and increase your chances of becoming a profitable trader. Start today, follow the free course, take notes and ask questions. Finished the free forex course? Start with the free training. Once again: take notes and ask questions. This is how you grow. If you have questions, you can always contact us. We are always there to help. Let’s grow together and make you a profitable trader.

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