Long Term Investing

On this page you can order our long term 1-on-1 wealth building sessions.


Long Term Investing is all about mastering your finance. Do you want to learn how to properly invest and build a portfolio, while still enjoying your life to the fullest? Do you want to know how to build a passive income stream and potentially retire earlier? Then these sessions are perfect for you.

Most companies just sell you some pre-recorded lessons and wish you the best. This is not how we work, we focus on personal attention. Money is personal and everyone is different, so we actually take the time to work with you, 1-on-1.

This package contains the following:

* 3 1-on1 Zoom sessions, filled with all the relevant information about investing

* Ability to ask all your questions

* A long term investment plan, based on your goals & personality

* 100% personal approach

After these sessions you are fully able to build your own portfolio and invest for the long term in a structured & proven way. You won't need any help from a bank or other institution, which saves you money and time.

Note: these sessions are all about investing and being smart with your money. These sessions do not include analyzing individual companies to invest in individual stocks. This is a complex matter and only suitable for a handful of people. This also takes a lot of time to master. 

In the future, we will be hosting sessions for people that are interested in this.

As soon as you have paid you will be able to access the member page where you can schedule your first 1-on-1 session. You access the member page by clicking on your name, followed by clicking on My Programs.

  • Wealth Building

    • * 1-on-1 Zoom meetings
    • * Personal attention
    • * Structured plan based on data
    • * Everything you need to know to start investing in assets