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Why CDFX Trading? 

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No gurus here. You get coached by someone that has a verified trackrecord. You want to learn from someone that's actually doing it. This is the right place for that.

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CDFX Trading is part of TMO, a company that only works with trading mentors that have a trackrecord. After the vetting process, Cas is now part of TMO. This means CDFX Trading is part of the best mentors in the industry.

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Everything we do is backed up by statistics. The method CDFX trading uses is being used by Cas to trade for a proprietary trading firm, as well as a hedgefund & funds for



Stop losing money with trading & saving

Financial uncertainty just sucks. You experience stress, your trading isn't going well and your savings are losing it's value every single year.

The longer you try to fix these problems on your own, the bigger the chances that you will fail. You will also lose a lot of your valuable time & energy. You are not living the life you want to live. Without a coach it's really hard to become a profitable trader. 

That's exactly where we can help.


CDFX Trading is a company that specializes in educating it's clients about trading the financial markets. Next to that, we help you to build a proven investment plan that fits with your long term financial goals.

This way, you can live the life you want to live and finally become that successful trader you have always wanted to be.​

Ready to turn your trading around?

We solve 2 problems

1. You losing money with trading.

The last years trading has become very popular. It's being sold as a get rich quick scheme, which it's not. So many companies sell you a course and wish you the best. We however, focus on personal attention. We have a proven trackrecord, which means we actually know how to trade. No other trading education companies will show you this, simply because they can't trade. If you are serious about trading and you actually want to become a trader, we are here for you. Be aware, this is only for the few people out there that actually want to put in the hard work. Don't sign up if you believe the fairy tales about trading.

2. The 0% interest on your savings account.

Money in your savings account isn't doing anything. Do you want to build wealth? Do you want to let your money work for you? Do you want to potentially retire earlier and have a more secure financial future? This is what we help you with. Step by step, we teach you the best way to build wealth, all based on research and data. Together we build an investment plan that fits with your goals and personality. This way you are not just putting money into random investments, but you are investing in the best assets that allow you to reach your investment goals the quickest way possible.

Are these your problems? We can fix them, together.

'' Google should include diamonds in their giving CDFX 5 diamonds not stars. Cas is a very kind person who gives out all he knows about this industry for free. My zoom meeting with him has helped me to see my analysis differently. He's always ready to share,correct and advice. I think he's the best I have come across since my seven months of trading. Thanks Cas''

Barbra Atuenyi


We at CDFX Trading believe that trading should be done based on statistics, not random guesses and predictions. Therefore we teach our clients to develop their own mechanical trading edge. Mechanical trading is a way of trading that consists of black and white rules. This means there is no guesswork involved, you either enter a trade with a proven edge or you don't.

Why mechanical trading? Less stress, a clear edge and higher odds of success.

Without an edge you are going to lose money. Most people blame their psychological issues for losing money when in reality they don't have an edge, or they don't even know what an edge is.


We only enter a trade if we know the trade has edge. Before we enter a trade we know the exact expectancy of the setup, based on past performance, so we can allocate risk accordingly, maximizing our profits.  


Proven concepts, structure and personal attention for maximum results.

Become a profitable trader like you deserve to be.

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A personal investment plan, based on data & research to reach your financial goals.

Become financially independent.


Free trading courses to become a better trader. Get to know our coaching methods.

Grow as a trader.

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Free Trading Courses

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What is a trading edge?

An edge simply means you have a trading approach with a positive expectancy over the long run.

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Your Trading Blueprint

An insight into our coaching approach. Real, straight to the point & informative.

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Why smart money wins

Smart money, in my opinion, means people that actually know how a market works and know how to trade. 


Trading carries a high level of risk.

You can potentially lose all your money if you are not prepared.

Do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose. 

You should be aware of all the risk regarding trading.

The information on this website and in our webinars & coaching plans is for informational purposes only.

The information is not any form of investment advice to be relied upon by users. Trade at your own discretion.

Past performance does not guarantee future performance.