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Become a winning trader using
proven mechanical trading strategies.

Complete 1-on-1 trading mentorship program for serious traders.

Get an edge, execute the edge and become funded.

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Why CDFX Trading? 

Verified results

Most "mentors" talk the talk while they can't even make profits themselves. We walk the walk. When you sign up with CDFX Trading you get coached by a fulltime trader with a verified trackrecord. 

vetted & verified

CDFX Trading is part of TMO, a company that only works with mentors that have a trackrecord. After a vetting process, Cas (owner of CDFX Trading) is now part of TMO. This means CDFX Trading is part of the best mentors in the industry.

tested methods


At CDFX Trading we trade a data-backed trading strategy. No guesswork, but numbers to support our decisions. The method we teach is being used by ourselves to trade for a proprietary trading firm, as well as for a hedgefund & multiple investors.

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Finally become a winning trader

Let's face it: trading is hard. The truth is that most traders make it even harder for themselves. They trade strategies without edge, have "bad trading psychology" and never keep track of anything.

To become a winning trader, you need to master 3 things:

1. Have at least one fully tested and mechanical trading strategy that fits with you

2. Have the right mindset to execute that mechanical trading strategy without mistakes, even during bad times (which will come along)

3. Have sufficient funding and manage your risk accordingly

These are the 3 pillars of profitability. These are the 3 pillars that we focus on during the trading mentorship program.

Ready to turn your trading around?

'' Google should include diamonds in their giving CDFX 5 diamonds not stars. Cas is a very kind person who gives out all he knows about this industry for free. My zoom meeting with him has helped me to see my analysis differently. He's always ready to share,correct and advice. I think he's the best I have come across since my seven months of trading. Thanks Cas''

Barbra Atuenyi

Not just a random trading course

At CDFX Trading the focus is on personal attention. Trading is a personalized skill. Some traders struggle with strategy development, others struggle with psychology. Therefore, learning how to trade via a personalized 1 on 1 trading mentorship program is the most efficient way to learn this skill.

The strategies that you will learn, are all mechanical and data-backed. No more guesswork, but clear rules to follow and the data to back up the rules work.

There is plenty of one on one contact, homework, personalized feedback and a community to keep you accountable.


Proven concepts, structure and personal attention for maximum results.

Become a professional trader like you deserve to be.

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Become a guaranteed funded trader and trade up to 400k.

Scale up your trading.


Free trading courses to become a better trader. Get to know our coaching methods.

Grow as a trader.

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Free Trading Courses

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What is a trading edge?

An edge simply means you have a trading approach with a positive expectancy over the long run.

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Your Trading Blueprint

An insight into our coaching approach. Real, straight to the point & informative.

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Why smart money wins

Smart money, in my opinion, means people that actually know how a market works and know how to trade. 

Still got questions?

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