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CDFX Trading is a company that specializes in educating it's clients about trading the financial markets. We trade different asset classes, each asset class has a specific goal in our porfolio.

We teach our clients the specifics of mechanical trading in order to successfully trade the forex market, as well as teaching them how to build long term wealth through investing in assets such as real estate & index funds.

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We at CDFX Trading believe that trading should be done based on statistics, not random guesses and predictions. Therefore we teach our clients to develop their own mechanical trading edge. Mechanical trading is a way of trading that consists of  black and white rules. This means there is no guesswork involved, you either enter a trade with a proven edge or you don't.

Without an edge you are going to lose money. Most people blame their psychological issues for losing money when in reality they don't have an edge, or they don't even know what an edge is.


We only enter a trade if we know the trade has edge. Before we enter a trade we know the exact expectancy of the setup, based on past performance, so we can allocate risk accordingly, maximizing our profits.  

During our 1 on 1 coaching program we are going to show you our mechanical trading edge. You can use the concepts we teach to build your own trading edge. Everyone is different, which means our trading edge might not fit with your personality. This means we are going to help you to find your own personal trading edge. 

Next to developing a profitable trading edge we also focus on building a trading journal, so you can learn from your mistakes. 

Our focus is also on risk management, we dive very deep into this topic. We use advanced risk management techniques to maximize profits and minimize losses, all based on statistics. Applying good risk management can increase your trading edge, which is exactly what we teach you at CDFX Trading.


Trading carries a high level of risk.

You can potentially lose all your money if you are not prepared.

Do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose. 

You should be aware of all the risk regarding trading.

The information on this website and in our webinars & coaching plans is for informational purposes only.

The information is not any form of investment advice to be relied upon by users. Trade at your own discretion.

Past performance does not guarantee future performance.