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1-on-1 Forex Coaching

Personal attention, that's what we stand for at CDFX Trading. Learning to trade is hard and takes a long time. Because everyone is different and learns a different way, we prefer a personal approach. This is why we started 1-on-1 forex coaching.

Only apply if you are serious about forex trading, we don't want to waste our time on people that are not serious. This is NOT just another course.

When you apply for 1-on-1 forex coaching, you will learn 1 new subject every single week.  With that subject comes homework. You make the homework and we check it and give feedback. We want you to actually put in some work, because this is how you become better.

We want you to learn as efficiently as possible. This means we take a full week to cover a subject so you fully understand it.

The 1-on-1 coaching takes about 5 months. During these months you will learn everything you need to know to become a consistently profitable trader, using a mechanical trading edge and developing your own trading edge.

You will also learn how to journal, backtest and fix your psychological issues.


 Not satisfied?

We always try our best to make our service as best as possible for you. However, did you sign up and you are not satisfied with our coaching? No worries! We offer you your money back. 

So, there is really no reason to not get started today. If you are serious, you can now get coached by us, with 0 downside risk. You get coached and become a better trader, or you get your money back, simple as that. You only win with this deal.

Are you serious about your career and do you really want to become a profitable trader? Then this is your chance.

We want to help you as best as possible, we are not here to just sell a course and make profits of your back. We are here to help and make a difference.

  1-on-1 coaching benefits:

Personal Attention

Most companies will sell you a course and wish you good luck. This is not how we approach coaching. We take the time to work with you on a personal basis, making you a better trader faster.

1-on-1 zoom conversations

During our Zoom conversations we look at what you need extra help with, so we can give you that extra help. You also have the ability to ask all your questions.

Proven concepts

We use concepts that have stood the test of time. They are all proven & tested. This gives you a statistical edge that you can work with and use to profit in the markets.


Module 1: Strategy


* Market Phases

* Liquidity

* Backtesting

* Risk Management

* Trading Strategy Overview

* Live Trade Examples

Module 2: Preparation & Reviewing


* Making a Trading Plan

* Trading Journal

* Trading Routines

Module 3: Psychology


* Psychology

Module 4: Continues Improvement & More


* The Reality Of Trading

* Choosing Your Markets

* Trade Management

* Growing a Small Account

* Increasing Performance

* How To Get A Job As A Trader & Get More Funds

* General Trading Tips