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Stuck with your trading but ready to become a winning trader?

My 1 on 1 trading mentorship program:

Get mentored by me and learn the profitable principles of professional trading.

Not just a regular trading course

Doing a video course and never hearing anything from the course seller again, unfortunately it happens a lot in the trading space.

This program is different.

It's a complete 1 on 1 mentorship program where you will work closely with me. Ask questions, get feedback on your homework, discuss ideas during 1 on 1 Zoom meetings and become a winning trader.

How does it work?

1. 30+ video lessons

The video lessons teach you all the concepts you need to learn. Go over them at your own speed & take notes. You have lifetime access to all the videos & the new materials that will be uploaded in the future.

2. workbook

The workbook explains the exact path you are going to follow during the course as well as give you a place to take notes. 

3. homework

The workbook is filled with homework exercises to make sure you learn in the most efficient way possible. You get personalized feedback based on your homework.

4.private community

A private community with lifetime access to discuss trades with likeminded traders. Cas also shares updates regarding trades and strategies in the community chat.

5. backtesting spreadsheet

The spreadsheet will make backtesting the strategy smooth and easy. Gathering data is essential to find your trading edge.

6. 1-on-1 zoom meetings

With the mentorship program you will get 1-on-1 Zoom meetings that you can book whenever you feel like you need more help.

7. Edge development team

After watching all the educational content and having done all the homework assignments, you will get access to Edge Development Team.


In Edge Development Team you, me and everyone else that has finished all the lessons, are going to work together on building new strategies for different markets. We will brainstorm ideas together, backtest together and trade together.

Efficient learning model:

Who is this for?

This program is for everyone that is not where they want to be with their trading or forex trading. 

Whether you trade forex, crypto, commodities or stocks, this mentorship will be of benefit to you.

This program teaches you everything you need to know to become an independent & professional trader.

It's a complete program, this means that after finishing the 1-on-1 mentorship program you don't have to get another mentor. You will know everything you need to know to perform in trading and you will keep access to all the support.

At the end of the program you will have:

  • Multiple mechanical trading strategies that have passed all the testing

  • The right trading mindset to deal with losses

  • A clear process to keep improving

  • A clear process to keep finding new trading edges 

  • All the information you need to build your own strategies in the future

  • All the tools to become a professional trader

  • Finally a real trading edge

  • A plan to become funded with multiple 6 figures

  • Access to the private "Edge Development Team" and all new edges

  • Continued support and access to new lessons

The modules

Module 1: Strategy


* Why and how do markets move

* Backtesting

* Data, statistics & edge

* Risk Management

* Trading Strategy Overview

* Live Trade Examples

Module 2: Preparation & Reviewing


* Making a Trading Plan

* Trading Journal

* Trading Routines

Module 3: Psychology


* Psychology

Module 4: Continues Improvement & More


* The Reality Of Trading

* Choosing Your Markets

* Trade Management

* Growing a Small Account

* Increasing Performance

* How To Get A Job As A Trader & Get More Funds

* General Trading Tips

* Building a mechanical trading edge

* Advanced backtesting & statistics

Module 5: Edge Development Team


*  A private group of experienced traders that have one objective: to build as much profitable trading strategies as possible.

Every lesson in each module contains homework assignments and personalized feedback.

What other traders say:

"Top mentor"

"Cas is a top mentor ready for you day and night with the very best guidance and tips and tricks and on top of that a super good course where you learn so much and no nonsense, 100% truth definitely recommended.

Quint de Leeuw

"Worth every penny, I wish I found Cas sooner!"

"I have done a range of programs in the past - none even come close to what Cas offers at CDFX!
He has a world of knowledge, no BS or fancy marketing and I honestly wish I did this 3 years ago.
He's responsive, breaks everything down super well and really takes the time to make sure that you understand everything.
The fact all the coaching is done 1-1 directly with Cas - not another coach - was a huge selling point for me!
The homework feedback was amazing and played a massive role in my trading journey progression.

I also loved the money-back guarantee for peace of mind, but after my first week going through the coaching, I knew I'd never need it!
I also really liked how I could book in a 1-1 info session with Cas beforehand - no sales tactics, no high pressure (I work in Sales so I was expecting this too!) He just wanted to make sure we were a good fit.
10/10 recommend."

Shaw Trading

"The information was invaluable"

I met with Cas for my first one to one meeting, the information shared was invaluable. I shared my struggles, ideas and aims and he gave me specific information to help me along my way. Looking forward to our next meeting when I have implemented the information provided. Highly recommend as a coach/mentor.

Robert Bonchev - Henderson

Book a free strategy meeting with me:

- 30 minutes of getting to know each other and discussing your trading and  trading obstacles

- Me sharing information to help you further

- Determining if I can potentially help you with my 1 on 1 trading mentorship program

This is not an awkard salescall.

If during the call you and me decide to work together, great.

If not: totally fine!

Or, get started immediately:

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