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Realistic results from traders I have worked with.


"Cas is one of the most
skilled traders" 

Cas is hands down one of the most knowledgeable and skilled traders that I know of. CDFX applies a no nonsense approach to trading which eliminates all the noise and hype.


The advice is incredibly objective as a result of the amount of work put in behind the scenes. This entails trading based on statistical probabilities gleaned from the collection of a huge amount of data. The advantage of applying mechanical trading is that it will assist in overcoming phycological doubts. Understanding the probabilities of market movement is useful to eliminate uncertainty and this uncertainty is what often leads to losses.


My personal experience has been very positive. After reaching out to CDFX and applying the advice given, my trading improved a great deal. My winning percentage has gone up from 33% to 61% with 20% account growth for the month of April 2021. There is still a great deal of work to ensure consistent profitability and CDFX has assured me that they will be there to assist with any issue in the future.

Lloyd McFarlane 

"The support from Cas is unparalleled"

There's plenty of free information on the web for new traders to learn basic concepts and unfortunately there are so many courses out there just take that basic information and re-package it to sell.

Cas focuses on a mechanical approach which makes it very clean and clear and thus easy to understand. I came to learn more about combining liquidity with a true edge and I'm very happy with what I learned.

Cas backs up his trades with statistics which removes as much subjectivity as possible. He is one of the very few people I've seen who truly treats trading as a business.

If you're looking for straight to the point value with no unnecessary filler material to try to make the course seem artificially large, then CDFX is the right place for you, I highly recommend them.

Also, the support from Cas and his willingness to ensure that true value has been received is unparalleled in my opinion.


"CDFX is a cut above the rest"

In a world full of "get rich quick" schemes and fake trading lifestyle gurus, CDFX is cut above the rest!


Cas Daamen is passionately committed to actually making sure his students grow and develop into profitable traders.


He also makes himself super accessible to his students (as well as non-students) showing his heart to help, serve and provide REAL value.


Honestly, if you're hesitant about joining a mentorship, look no further because CDFX is definitely a place and community you can call home.

Emannuel K. Kallon

"He teaches you how to fish"

This guy teaches u how to trade your self and not be depended on him.
he teaches u how to be a independed trader and he coaches u to be succesful.

to keep it short: he teaches u how to fish and not feed u some fancy golden fishes.



Cas I just want to say thank you I have learned a lot. The teaching way is more interactive where by you have ensured that the learner participate in applying and understand the concepts and also building a plan.  


Thanks Cas.


"Blew me away"

It is because of people like Cas that I still have hope in day trading, what a humble and thorough guy. He took out time from his busy schedule to have a zoom call with me for free (that blew me away), I had the opportunity to ask him anything and the stuff he shared was gold. Ive taken soo much out of just one call, Thanks man. To many more years of learning from you!


"Google should include diamonds in their reviews"

Google should include diamonds in their giving CDFX 5 diamonds not stars. Cas is a very kind person who gives out all he knows about this industry for free. My zoom meeting with him has helped me to see my analysis differently. He's always ready to share,correct and advice. I think he's the best I have come across since my seven months of trading. Thanks Cas​​

Barbra Atuenyi

"The information was invaluable"

I met with Cas for my first one to one meeting, the information shared was invaluable. I shared my struggles, ideas and aims and he gave me specific information to help me along my way. Looking forward to our next meeting when I have implemented the information provided. Highly recommend as a coach/mentor.

Robert Bonchev - Henderson

"Recommend this company"

Personally l would recommend this company to everyone who is into trading because it's very transparent about the nature of the Industry.

Thank you Cas for the great job you are doing, we love it.

Taitos Junior Mugabe

"One of the best"

Cas Daamen from CDFX trading is one of the best mentors I’ve came across. Very patient and very understanding. I’m glad to say I’ve had Cas as a mentor.

Kyle Drysdale

"Took my trading to the next level"

I got in contact with CDFX Trading to get some help on the mental aspect of DayTrading. I got a message back right away to set up a video call. He really helped me see some of the things that I was missing in order to take my trading to the next level. If you need any sincere advice or help with trading reach out to this man.

Neville Felisie

"The best thing that ever happened to my trading"

Coming across CDFX trading on the internet is the best thing that ever happened to me on my trading journey. It's really helpful and I really appreciate this company and all the people involved in creating it.Thanks for your kindness.

Samuel Nyirongo

"Great experience

Great experience. Very helpful and has allowed me to become great at my risk management. Thank you

Vipul Vasant

"0 BS"

This man only speaks facts. He shares with you the legitimate way of being a successful trader with 0 bs.
Thanks Cas for getting me on the right path!!

K. Mill

"Wonderful man"

A wonderful man with a unique, caring way of holding your hands while you go through the difficult lonely road of learning to trade.

Hazan Kan

"Top mentor"

"Cas is a top mentor ready for you day and night with the very best guidance and tips and tricks and on top of that a super good course where you learn so much and no nonsense, 100% truth definitely recommended.

Quint de Leeuw

"Worth every penny, I wish I found Cas sooner!"

"I have done a range of programs in the past - none even come close to what Cas offers at CDFX!
He has a world of knowledge, no BS or fancy marketing and I honestly wish I did this 3 years ago.
He's responsive, breaks everything down super well and really takes the time to make sure that you understand everything.
The fact all the coaching is done 1-1 directly with Cas - not another coach - was a huge selling point for me!
The homework feedback was amazing and played a massive role in my trading journey progression.

I also loved the money-back guarantee for peace of mind, but after my first week going through the coaching, I knew I'd never need it!
I also really liked how I could book in a 1-1 info session with Cas beforehand - no sales tactics, no high pressure (I work in Sales so I was expecting this too!) He just wanted to make sure we were a good fit.
10/10 recommend."

Shaw Trading

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