My name is Cas Daamen and I am the founder of CDFX Trading.

Our mission is to help people with building wealth and trading the financial markets.

Our focus is on educating people about the forex market. There are a lot of misconceptions about trading the Forex market, we want to change that.

We trade based on statistics, not just on random lines that are drawn based on gut feeling. We make decisions based on numbers, not on how we feel, like most educational companies teach you to do.

We are trading using a mechanical trading edge and adding some discretion in order to increase the profitability.


I have a real passion towards growing money & trading and I want to use my passion to help people achieve a better financial future.

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Our services

Forex Trading

Our main focus is on trading the forex market. We offer forex education to our clients and we do this in two different ways. You can buy our educational modules and go over the material yourself, or you can choose to buy our 5 month 1 on 1 coaching program where you get personal attention, homework, a private group and a better and more efficient way of learning our concepts.

During the 1 on 1 coaching program we will teach you our mechanical trading edge and we will help you to develop your own mechanical trading edge so that you can become an independent and profitable forex trader.




Forex trading is a real job. It's very risky and it takes a lot of time to learn it. This means forex trading is not for everyone. However, we at CDFX Trading still want to help everyone with their financial future. That's why we also focus on long term investing. We have our own portfolio, which you can see at the trackrecord page. 

We educate our clients on how to build long term wealth in order to grow your money in a more passive and safe manner. This is done by investing in various different assets and maximizing diversification.

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