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The top 5 trading tips to make you a better trader today

What I will be sharing with you in this article are the best tips you need to become a better forex trader today. The internet is filled with “do this, do that” trading tips. But which ones are useful? Which ones make you a better trader? The trading tips in this article will make you a better trader.

At the end of reading this article you are 1 step closer to consistent profitability.

Stick till the end, because the most valuable ones are at the end.

Why do you need these trading tips?

These trading tips are things I have learned from 6 years of trading. They are the things that impacted my trading the most. These trading tips that I’m about to share with you can make big changes in your trading, if you take them seriously and if you take action on them. As always, no change happens without taking action.

Now, without further a due, let’s get into the first trading tip that can transform your trading forever.

Trading tip #1: Get a trading journal or keep losing money

Jesus Cas, again that boring trading journal thing? Yes, because people just don’t get it. Look, you are competing against hedge funds, private funds, banks, people with way more knowledge and money than you. Do you think they just show up and place some trades and head to the beach? Of course not. They are organized and they spend hours each day improving. So should you if you want any chance at winning this game.

A trading journal allows you to keep track of what you do. A forex trading journal allows you to keep improving and to keep learning from your mistakes.

Does it sound boring?

I have been trading for around 6 years at the time of writing this article. Even though I have been profitable for years, I still spend a minimum of 2 hours per day at finding ways to improve my trading edge.

That’s a minimum of 10 hours a week. That’s a minimum of 520 hours per year. Are you putting in the same amount of work? The professionals are. The people that are profitable and that are taking your money are.

Step up your game and use a trading journal. A trading journal is a must for serious forex traders. Without a trading journal, you might as well quit right now.

Don’t know what to track in your trading journal? Click here.

Trading tip #2: Get a forex trading mentor

Yes, there are way too many scammers out there. Yes, the forex industry is filled with scammers that claim to become profitable. I’m not talking about those weirdos. I’m talking about getting a REAL trading mentor. Someone with a proven track record. It can be me or it can be another professional. It doesn’t matter. The point is: a trading mentor will improve your trading.