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What is ProRealTime: ProRealTime review

In this article you are getting to know ProRealTime. ProRealTime is a professional charting platform for serious traders. With this platform, you can trade a variety of different markets and get access to secure data feeds from real liquidity providers. You can trade way more markets than just forex or cfd indices.

In this ProRealTime review you will learn why this platform is so powerful and popular.

What is ProRealTime?

Like I said before: ProRealTime is a professional charting platform. It’s known for its comprehensive technical analysis options. It also supports automated trading in a large variety of assets. It includes technical charting, indicators, advanced market scanning tools and advanced backtesting tools.

What’s interesting about this charting platform is that it’s being used by major brokers, such as IG and IB (Interactive Brokers).

The ProRealTime app offers the best real-time exchange data.

What are the benefits of ProRealTime?

ProRealTime offers a lot of benefits. The platform is known for its massive variety of assets and its arsenal of technical tools. The software works for a lot of markets and it’s easy to find what you are looking for. Then, you simply create your own watchlist and trade the markets you want to trade.

The ProRealTime platform offers more than 100 indicators and you can customize them all to fit your needs. You can literally tweak everything. You can also create your own indicators. Next to you also get different drawing tools to mark out the zones you want to be trading at. Again, everything is customizable.

The ProRealTime app uses automatic support and resistance lines which automatically shows you the key areas on a chart to do business at.

Screening for the best markets? ProRealTime offers ProScreener, a piece of software that allows you to screen markets. Do you only want to trade highly volatile NASDAQ stocks? No problem! ProRealTime screens the market and tells you which stocks are interesting at the right times.

Backtesting is key intrading. The ProRealTime platform offers automated backtesting software. Simply put the parameters in, build a strategy and test to see if there is any edge. ProRealTime backtesting is simple, automated and easy to use. ProRealTime backtesting is a big reason why they have so many users. Use ProRealTime backtesting to find your edge.

What are the ProRealTime costs?

ProRealTime has different options. You can choose for the free option, the Complete option or the Premium option. Next to that, you can pick exactly which separate markets you want to trade. The benefit of this? You decide what you pay for. ProRealTime offers a variety of different markets, such as:

  • Forex

  • Metals

  • Commodities

  • Indices

  • Stocks