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ONE mentorship, EVERYTHING you need.

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The only smart money trading course without all the bullshit. 


The cheapest course ever

A smart money course for only 30 euro? Yes, that's what you will get. No high fee, no bullshit, but a clear course to learn smart money concepts the right way.

1-on-1 zoom conversation

During our Zoom conversation we look at what you need extra help with, so we can give you that extra help. You also have the ability to ask all your questions.

Proven concepts

We use concepts that have stood the test of time. In this course you will learn the so called smart money concepts that you can use to build your own trading edge.

How does it work?

 The AeI method

1. Absorbing

Watch the video lessons, take notes & write down questions.

2. Executing

Make a plan, using the information given in the videos.

3. improving

Plan your 1-on-1 Zoom meeting. Ask your questions. Become a better smart money trader.

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"I got to know about Cas through a forum 3 years ago before he started his company. Without charge, Cas freely guided me with information and shared documents with me about the financial market. For example; Cas took the time through zoomaudio calls and chats to answer my questions directly. He stood out from the mass to me, because he was always professional and I could tell that he has done his homework. Therefor after all these years I was undoubtfully sure to invest in a course of specifically his company. His course allowed me with sufficient knowledge to confidently start investing. I'm glad I chose Cas to help me start my journey of investing."


At the end of the course, you will have:

  • A full understanding of smart money trading

  • A clear sense of edge

  • A path to profitable trading

  • Realistic expectations

Content of the lessons

0. Overview of the course

1. What is smart money trading?

2. How does smart money operate?

3. Misconceptions about smart money trading

4. How can you become a smart money trader?

5. Extra examples (smart money concepts)

6. Building your edge

7. Going next level

Ready to finally become a real smart money trader?

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