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The best forex trading article ever written

Updated: Jan 11

I know why you are here; you want to become a professional trader. You want to be just like me (kidding, or not…). As you probably know by now, it’s hard as f*ck. But, it’s not impossible. I have made it and many others have. In this article you are going to learn how you can become a profitable trader. I will give you the exact path to profitability. This is going to be a huge article. I recommend taking it step by step and taking action. It’s essentially a free course.

Pay attention, let’s go.

PS: Don’t like reading? Click here for the video version (its free).

Key note

Below you find the picture of your path. This is a proven path that many profitable traders took. If you can follow this path without distracting yourself, you can become profitable as well.

In this article I will take you through it, step by step. Take notes. I know that when something is free, people tend to see it as less valuable. However, I truly believe this article is better than most paid courses out there.

If you are one of the chosen few to become profitable, then this is for you.

Introduction to profitability

What is profitable trading? It’s making money trading. Sounds simple but is hard. Making money in trading can be done in various different ways. The game is to find a way of making money that you like and that fits you and that is sustainable. Therefore, trading is a personal journey. Everyone has a different journey. However, there is a certain path that you can follow, that’s the path we discuss today.

During your journey of becoming a profitable trader you will learn a lot about yourself. I have learned way more about myself from trading than I did when going to school.

Your trading results don’t lie, your teachers do.

Trading really forces you to look in the mirror and to realize that you suck at it, which is okay.

Everyone sucks at some point, that’s what makes it fun and worthwhile. Because of this mirror, you can identify what you suck at, what you are good and what you like. This allows you to build a foundation for your profitable trading career.

What this article won’t give you:

  • A Lamborghini

  • The holy grail

  • A bigger d*ck

What this article will give you:

  • A clean path to profitability

  • Rude language (not for the faint-hearted)

  • Results

Jokes aside, this article will give you a lot, but it won’t give you a profitable trading strategy. It’s up to you to develop it. This will give you the path to building that profitable trading strategy. This will give you the path to building your dream career. Ready?

1. Having realistic expectations

Oh man, basically everyone I speak to that wants to be a trader has wrong expectations. They expect naked girls on a beach, trading from a phone, cocktails and big cars. The truth? You, alone in a room, trading the markets and looking at spreadsheets.

Let’s start with dropping some more truth bombs:

  • It takes years to become profitable

  • Only a few make it

  • Social media is filled with fake traders

  • Drawdowns are real

Do you want it for the lifestyle that social media promotes, or do you want it because you like it? Really ask yourself this question. If your answer is that you want to have naked girls on the beach and big cars, stop reading and just quit. This is not for you. Without joking, be real and think about it. Nothing worse than working at something for years and then figuring out it isn’t for you.

Are you prepared to sacrifice time, energy, money and relationships? Because you will. I have. I have put in a lot of time to learn this. I have put in a lot of energy and money. And yes, I sometimes even suffered in terms of social connections with others. While everyone was having fun, I was studying the markets. Can you do this? Because it takes years to become profitable and only a few actually make it in the long term. Think about it please.

Social media is filled with losing c*nts. For real, the sh*t you see on social media is ridiculous. People trading 100 lots on mt4 from a beach. It’s insane. It’s all fake. Please don’t fall for it. The most profitable traders are the ones that don’t post pictures of fancy cars.

Now, hopefully you have the right expectations about trading. Let’s make it even better.

Below you see the backtested performance of my edge during the period of 2013-2019. This is in R gained, without compounding. As you can see, the graph looks great. It made 131R, which is 262% when risking 2% per trade, in 6 years without compounding. However, if we dive deeper into it, there were periods where the edge didn’t make money for months. Months! The longest drawdown was 51 trades. That means that after a new high in the equity curve, it took 51 trades to make a new high. This is the reality guys. This is real trading. The edge is highly profitable with low risk, but this is trading and no one will ever tell you this, because it doesn’t sell courses.