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Trade Nation Forex Broker Review

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Alright guys, welcome to this new article. Today, I will review the well-known forex broker Trade Nation. Why? I have been in contact with this broker for many months now. I even had a zoom call with them discussing who they are, what they stand for etc. It turns out we share a lot of the same views. We both don’t like these fake gurus on social media and we both want to make a change in the trading industry.

In this article you will find out why Trade Nation is legit and why I use them.

Click the picture to go to their website.

Who is Trade Nation?

Trade Nation is a broker in the UK. Trade Nation has an office in London. Next to that, they also have offices in Australia, South Africa and on the Bahamas. Their head office is in London. Trade Nation is good at what they do. They are a fresh company ready to change things. Trade Nation is a forex broker with low spread and no commission.

Trade Nation is all about transparency about costs. Next to that, they also really value personal attention, which is also something I value. They are not robots, but humans and when things go wrong, you can always contact them.

Trade Nation is regulated by FCA, ASIC, FSCA and SCB. This shows that they have everything figured out and everything is structured well.

FCA and ASIC are the best and most strict regulators when it comes to forex brokers. Being regulated by them means you are good.

Why choose for Trade Nation?

Trade Nation is all about being straight to the point. No distractions, just a reliable, cheap and regulated forex broker. Too many brokers focus on bonuses and extras to get people to join them. The thing is, most of these brokers aren’t that good. A broker should offer great execution for low costs, while your funds are safe. That’s what Trade Nation is all about. They offer everything you need in a forex broker, and nothing you don’t need.

Every month I receive messages from brokers wanting to partner up with me, I always say no.

Until Trade Nation approached me. Trade Nation is a forex broker with low spread and no commission.

Why did I partner up with Trade Nation instead of the other brokers?

TradeNation is:

  • Transparant

  • Honest

  • Reliable

  • Regulated

  • Cheap to trade with

  • High leverage

  • Good customer support

If you remember this article, then you know what to look for when you want to pick the best forex broker. These are all the things that fit with Trade Nation.


Trade Nation is extremely transparent about the cost of trading. They offer trading with 0 commission and fixed spread, something you almost never see. Fixed spreads are great for Expert Advisors, but also for people who want to know what they pay when they are trading.


Trade Nation is honest about what they offer and what you can expect. No unnecessary information, they tell you as it is which is extremely refreshing. Most brokers are not honest about their costs, way of doing business and how they profit. Trade Nation is honest about this. Your broker should be your ally, not your enemy. Trade Nation is a great ally to have.

Reliable & regulated

Trade Nation is reliable and regulated by the best international entities. This means your money is safe. This means your trading is legit. This means the data is legit. This is what you need because trading with a sh*t broker can harm your edge. Next to that, brokers that are not regulated by the FCA or ASIC can just be gone tomorrow, together with your money. This won’t happen with these brokers and if they decide to quit, you get your money back. Simple and easy.

In trading you want to minimize risk. Getting a good broker is minimizing your risk.

Low trading costs

Cheap trading means more profits. Why? The more you pay, the less of your profits you get to keep. The lower your costs, the higher your returns. Trade Nation is a low-cost broker that allows you to keep your profits for yourself.

Forex broker with high leverage

Need a forex broker with high leverage? Trade Nation offers high leverage which allows you to take the trades you want to take, without issues. Most brokers that offer high leverage are not regulated and are not safe to use. Trade Nation is one of the only forex brokers with high leverage that is regulated by the FCA and ASIC. This is a huge benefit for traders.

Great customer support

Good customer support is essential. Why? In case things go wrong, you want to be helped. In case you have questions, you want to be helped. Most customer support teams simply suck. They don't have the right knowledge to help you. Trade Nation has invested in their support. Their support is competent and knows exactly how to answer questions. They will help you out, always.

Have you ever Googled which forex broker is the best? Or, which forex broker is the best in the UK? Now you know.

What's the catch?

I know, this all seems too good to be true. However, there is no catch. If you Google "is Trade Nation legit?" or "Trade Nation reviews" you will see it for yourself. They are amazing. That's why I trust them, that's why I partnered up with them.

The Trade Nation deposit process is easy and smooth. Next to that, Trade Nation also offers a demo account. With the Trade Nation demo account you can check out their platform, test how it works and see if you like it, no strings attached.

Trade Nation is a forex broker with low spread and no commission.

Trade Nation has a mobile trading app that is very easy to use. Next to that you can use their own platform, or you can use MT4, Metatrader 4.


Trade Nation is a forex broker with low spread and no commission. Trade Nation is a UK based broker in London that is what I call a great broker. They care about the forex trading industry, they are transparent, they offer low cost trading and they are regulated in all the right places.

Do you have questions about Trade Nation? Comment down below.

Want to get started with this fantastic forex broker? Click the picture below.

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