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A day in the life of a forex trader & entrepreneur

Today an article about how I approach my days as a forex trader and entrepreneur. You will get a sneak peek into my life filled with booze and hookers. Kidding, I will take you through a normal day of my life. I will explain what I do and why I do these things. Hopefully you will learn something and hopefully, it’s entertaining. Let’s get started.

Waking up

This day in the life of a forex trader starts with waking up, obviously. I usually wake up at around 7.30 in the morning. As soon as I wake up, I do some light stretching to wake up my body. I do have some back issues so I start with some exercises to loosen things up. After my stretching, I meditate for about 10 minutes. This gives me a clear mind. I drink two big glasses of water to hydrate my body, which is really important in the morning.

I am someone that usually is very fast-paced/rushed. This is a bad habit of mine. Meditation allows me to take a step back and to go slower, which is better for me. It also trains my brain to focus better. I can highly recommend this. Also, it helps to figure out if things are bothering me.

For example, if I notice the same thoughts coming back to my mind every single day during meditation, I know something is up and I should fix something. During the day we tend to be so focused on work, after work we are so distracted. Because of this we never listen to ourselves. Meditating forces you to.

When is the last time you have really done nothing and just listened to yourself?

Meditation builds a relationship with yourself, which is really important. After meditating I freshen up, I do my hair and those types of things.

As you can see, a part of this day in the life is dedicated to my happiness and well-being.

The morning

My workday starts at around 8AM. I don’t have breakfast until 10AM as I do intermittent fasting. I like it and it gives me clarity and focus.

I start by checking the charts to see if my trades are still on and to see if everything is going as it is supposed to be going. Then, I fill in my trading journal if trades are triggered overnight. I highlight key levels and I watch how the market trades into these levels. This is for educational purposes. I always like to stay in tune with the markets. It also gives me new ideas to backtest. I write these things down.

After looking at the charts the morning is filled with working on my business (CDFX Trading) and working on my trading. I backtest ideas to increase my edge. I work on marketing for my business and I create content, such as this article.

At around 10AM I have breakfast. This breakfast consists of:

  • White fish

  • Black coffee

You might be thinking: what a weirdo!

Who the f*ck eats fish in the morning??

I do. I like to eat clean. I start the day with some lean protein. It’s easy to digest and allows my intestines to start the day slowly. The coffee has a lot of benefits. And of course, the caffeine gives me a better focus.

After breakfast I usually do some reading. I like to read 20-30 minutes a day to learn something new.

Then, back to the office.

Then another few hours of backtesting and working on my business. The usual stuff.

In between I have some fruits and some nuts. Healthy fats & vitamins to keep my body healthy.

Most people live like they have 10 more body’s waiting in the fridge that they can use whenever the one they have right now is broken. I think that’s ridiculous. I like to take care of my health.

Everyone is getting fat, lazy and depressed these days. If you are someone that takes care of himself, you will stand out. Being fat is getting normal. Don’t be normal. Be you, be the best you.

The afternoon

At around 1PM I have lunch. I usually go to the gym after lunch. On the day’s that I don’t work out, I have eggs or sardines and some bread. When I go to the gym, I have a high carb meal to get some fuel in for the workout.

Working out is very healthy. I have been working out for about 7-8 years. Not only to get that Greek god body that I have (no, I won’t put a picture of that amazing body in here), but also to just stay healthy and get away from the screens. I lift weights 4 times a week, I do kickboxing once a week and I walk multiple times a week.

I like to lift heavy and I really go all in. After the workout I’m fully refreshed and ready to work again.

This is the benefit of being your own boss. I can have a workout whenever I want. I have freedom to do this.

The reason I do it in the middle of the day is because it allows me to break my day up in two parts. It allows my body to move instead of sitting behind my desk all day. Believe me, it can cause back issues.

After the workout

After the w